P  R  A  I  S  E
"We cannot believe how well our remodel
turned out! Sometimes we just stop what we
are doing and look around and realize how
fortunate we were to have met you!   We
could not have done it without you!  You are
an incredibly talented individual who obviously
loves what she does!

Even our patio is receiving rave reviews from
friends and family!  
A recent comment from our award winning
landscaper, Matt Sanders, says it all ...  "I love
what Di has done with your outdoor the
terracotta colorings with the burnt copper
colored patio furniture. The HUGE over sized
planter she chose as the patio centerpiece,
with all the wonderful plantings cascading
down all sides is absolutely genius!  The
outdoor entertainment area is so large and
the way Di has made the colors and the
spacing come together is nothing short of

Thank you so very much!
Larry & Deanna Unger
Hillsboro Oregon
When discussing the many amazing qualities of Di's work ethic, in brief,
the three most important qualities that she possesses are: incredibly
thorough follow through, an amazing eye for design and an exceptionally
keen business mind.

I have never been more confident in handing over a task to someone as I
was with Di Barker. Not one time in 2.5 years was I disappointed, not one.
We would discuss an idea and Di would tirelessly follow up and through
until the idea/goal was met in it's entirety.

Her eye for design is classic and impeccable. Not only does she have an
eye for what works well in spaces, she has an endless list of suppliers
that are accustomed to meeting her exceedingly high expectations.
It is evident that her vendors admire, trust and respect Di.

Di is a true "fabric queen" because she knew just what texture, color
and pattern would be perfect. As she spoke of the texture, color and
pattern I could see it in my mind - then at our next meeting, like magic,  
the exact fabric we envisioned would be in her hands!

After dealing with Di once, you will understand her keen sense of
business. Whether she is shopping for a $20,000 piece of custom
furniture or a $20 accessory vase, Di knows the true "worth" of an item,
and knows how to squeeze the most value out of a dollar, to get that
item. Di makes it her business to understand the most minute details of
any and EVERY situation that may arise during a design job.

Kim Madey - West Linn, Oregon
THE EDITOR OF ELLE MAGAZINE SOUTH AFRICA, Shona Bagley, describes Di as ...“having a talent for style and co-ordination, which is quite simply...Brilliant!
Her signature style & flair is inimitable, and evident in everything to which she turns her hand. Di is one of South Africa’s most stylish “exports” and a great loss to this country.”
We are moving to NY and have bought
another Fixer Upper! I'm sad to leave our
home here in Portland ....  You helped
make it so beautiful!!

I'm going to miss you and Portland so much!
I would love to work with you again on our
new project! I just can't imagine doing this
without you ...  I'd be lost.

Lee Powell - Portland, Oregon.

“Words can't express how pleased I am with
Di's work. She really listened to our needs
and transformed our main floor living space
into a sophisticated, yet inviting and
comfortable atmosphere. She knew where
to splurge and where not to."

Amy Steingrebe- Portland, Oregon


Di Barker, owner and Principal Designer of Abundanceforlife Living & Interiors,
has been practicing Interior Design in Portland, Oregon since 2001.  

Before moving to the Pacific Northwest, Di enjoyed the fast pace of Toronto,
Canada for three years.  Born and raised in South Africa, Di had careers as a
highly successful Managing Real Estate Broker, as well as in the glamorous
world of fashion and design for 18 years.

Travels to 27 countries exposed her to a vast array of taste and style and has
awakened an intense passion for architecture, design and the ultimate indoor
and outdoor living experience.

As a graduate of the Yap Cheng Hai Feng Shui Center of Excellence, Di enjoys
blending this modality with Interior Design and has created functional, elegant
and amplified spaces for both residential and corporate clients.

Interior Design follows fashion trends, and as a result, fabrics, colors and
aesthetic proportions are the decadent surprises, that Di serves up best. It is
her signature style and seamless transitions that transform ordinary places into
magical spaces.  Expert listening skills enable Di to gather critical information
to create spaces according to client's individual needs.
"An Interior Designer's job is to create beautiful places. I believe that beautiful is
just not enough. I go another step further and ensure my clients are also left
"Feel Good" spaces.  

Our homes after all, are where we live, love and entertain our friends and family.  
It is paramount that the spaces I create shine with joy as well as with beauty."

Although a client has crowned Di “The Fabric Queen”
(and presented Di with a
stunning Swarovski crystal tiara to prove it)
it is Di’s work ethic that her clients
find invaluable.

Detailed and thorough follow through, as well as her exceptional business
acumen, have allowed Di to manage multi million $ projects with ease.  The
solid relationships that Di has built with major manufacturers across the country
over the past 11 years, is testimony to her success, and this is evident in the
vast selection of quality furniture and accessories she is able to procure for her

Di proudly serves on the Board of Directors for "Hats Off For Cancer", an
international organization that collects hats for children with cancer.
Please visit  

Portland. Oregon. USA.             email: abundanceforlife@comcast.net           call: 503  888-2243