FEBRUARY 4TH, 2004 MARKED AN AUSPICIOUS DAY IN FENG SHUI. This is when we entered the wonderful PERIOD OF 8 which is also known as the period of earth (land luck), which we will enjoy for the next 20 years! For the past 20 years up until February 4th 2004, we lived in the period of metal. 2004 through 2024 brings a wonderful new EARTH energy. This will be a period of “grounding” and returning to our roots Prices of properties and land will increase in Period 8, due to the powerful earth energy. It is said that property as well as industries related to construction, will enjoy great success as a result. Our HOMES are where we LIVE, where we LOVE, where we CELEBRATE and where we ENTERTAIN our


OVER THE LAST 15 YEARS, FENG SHUI HAS GAINED INCREASING RECOGNITION IN THE WESTERN WORLD. In Oriental countries, Feng Shui practitioners have strived to manipulate the metaphysical forces of nature, known as Chi, to enhance their career, relationships, health, and business success. Modern lifestyles have twisted our peaceful existence into one of chaos and extremes. Feng Shui adopts the principles of balance, yin and yang, to correct these flaws. CLASSICAL AUTHENTIC FENG SHUI, which is what I practice, is a form of metaphysical science that can almost be fully explained by logic and by sound principles. The roots of this science can be traced to the I-Ching (the Book of Changes). Traditio


A HOUSE IS NOT A HOME, UNLESS IT CONTAINS FOOD AND FIRE FOR THE MIND, THE SOUL, AS WELL AS FOR THE BODY. Feng Shui is about achieving life-fulfillment by benefiting from the energies of our living and working environments. The earth’s gravity, electromagnetic fields, directional influence and its surrounding constellations have a huge impact on our lives, as do the cycles of the tides and our 4 seasons. In our daily lives, a balanced diet is the key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. We are however, unaware of internal process happening within our bodies every second of each day. This is a perfect analogy to describe the world in which we live. The “unseen energies or the “chi” of the en


YOUR HOME IS MORE THAN JUST A PLACE TO REST, OR WORK OR LIVE. IT IS A LIVING, BREATHING MASS OF ENERGY. It is you, and the other occupants of your home, that will ignite the home’s spirit. Your home is also the place where your mind connects best with its spirit, because here is where you feel safe. Your home is your sanctuary from the external world, and it is here that you can tune into the spirit within you, which is part of the Cosmic Universe. Your home is where you can open pathways for luminous cosmic energy to flow and mingle with the material energy that is already there, making it a channeling point where time and space get empowered by the divine essence of the cosmic universe. Yo

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