FEBRUARY 4TH, 2004 MARKED AN AUSPICIOUS DAY IN FENG SHUI. This is when we entered the wonderful PERIOD OF 8 which is also known as the period of earth (land luck), which we will enjoy for the next 20 years! For the past 20 years up until February 4th 2004, we lived in the period of metal. 2004 through 2024 brings a wonderful new EARTH energy. This will be a period of “grounding” and returning to our roots

Prices of properties and land will increase in Period 8, due to the powerful earth energy. It is said that property as well as industries related to construction, will enjoy great success as a result.

Our HOMES are where we LIVE, where we LOVE, where we CELEBRATE and where we ENTERTAIN our FRIENDS and our FAMILY. Period 8 is the perfect time to reflect on our homes and make them idyllic resting places for those near and dear to us.

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