YOUR HOME IS MORE THAN JUST A PLACE TO REST, OR WORK OR LIVE. IT IS A LIVING, BREATHING MASS OF ENERGY. It is you, and the other occupants of your home, that will ignite the home’s spirit. Your home is also the place where your mind connects best with its spirit, because here is where you feel safe.

Your home is your sanctuary from the external world, and it is here that you can tune into the spirit within you, which is part of the Cosmic Universe. Your home is where you can open pathways for luminous cosmic energy to flow and mingle with the material energy that is already there, making it a channeling point where time and space get empowered by the divine essence of the cosmic universe.

Your home is where your body rests and where your inner spirit comes alive, reconnecting to the source. Your home is the foundation of everything familiar to you, the place you feel safest. Your home should therefore be a sanctuary, an oasis of peace where you can shrug off the baggage of stress-related interactions with others, a retreat where inner energies can get recharged.

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