Born and raised in South Africa, Di enjoyed careers as a highly successful Managing Real Estate Broker, as well as in the glamorous world of fashion and design.

Toronto, Canada was home for three years before her and her family moved to the Pacific Northwest in 2001. People not only marvel at how beautiful her spaces look: they are always intrigued by how magical they feel. Di believes she has a responsibility to ensure that the spaces she builds are not just about filling rooms with pretty things.
Her clients’ would not call her conventional. She has a unique design lens and uses countless layers of stimulating and exciting filters to ensure her clients’ homes feel special. She does this very successfully by grounding her design projects with a tangible harmonic energy that resonates through all of her work.
Di has an innate ability to transform ordinary places into magical spaces. Her unique ability to create abundanceforlife indoors as well as outdoors, is highly respected. She has continued her Feng Shui education over the years through various courses, voracious reading, as well as the Feng Shui Extravaganza with the revered Lillian Too in Las Vegas in 2011.
Di specializes in authentic classical Feng Shui. Her travels to 33 countries have exposed her to a vast array of cultures, but it was her first trip to Asia in 1987, that sparked her intense fascination with Feng Shui. ​​ As a graduate of the Yap Cheng Hai Feng Shui Center of Excellence, Di enjoys blending this modality with Interior Design and has created functional and amplified spaces for both residential and corporate clients on the West Coast, as well as in Vancouver BC, Canada. ​

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