Step 1:  

I will coordinate an initial site visit with you to brainstorm and understand your goals in more detail.


At this time I will also

  • Evaluate the surrounding areas.

  • Assess the yin and yang balance of the landscape.

  • Establish house facing and sitting directions and the period in which the home was built.

  • Review the flow of the home.


Step 2:  

I will then return to my studio and use all of the findings from my visit to suggest an optimal floor plan layout for each member of the family. 

Step 3:

Your findings will be presented to you in a formal and very detailed prescription by room.

  • Your  prescription will advise how best to maximize every auspicious direction and minimize every negative direction that pertains to your gua numbers and the flying stars for the period in which your home was built.

  • A basic furniture layout on this plan will be provided to give you an idea of flow.


Once this is complete, I will email you the findings and set up a 45 minute call to go over the prescription with you, and answer any other questions you may have

Pricing will depend on the size of the home and the number of people who occupy the home.

If you have a floor plan that is current and to scale, please make a copy for me for my first visit.