"As a classicly trained Feng Shui Practitioner and as an Interior Designer,  I am able to blend these two modalities to create indoor and outdoor spaces that invigorate the spirit, relax the soul and generate the most perfect settings to amplify and capture all of life's special moments."

Have you ever walked into a home and although everything looked pretty, something just didn’t feel quite right?


That's because it was missing balance and Feng Shui!  

DI BARKER is a classically trained authentic Feng Shui consultant and a national award winning designer, based in Portland Oregon.

Her work includes residential and corporate projects across the USA and Canada.  Travel to 33 countries around the world, fueled her passion for design, but it was her visits to Asia that sparked her fascination with the traditional Asian culture and Classical Feng Shui.

With expertise in both Feng Shui and Interior Design, Di offers a unique and valuable perspective on the Feng Shui practice. With a focus on great design and functionality, common sense and practicality, balance and beauty is the heartfelt "feel good" energy of everything she does.


Her past experience as a managing real estate broker in the South African luxury property market, combined with her Feng Shui experience and her innate design skills, make for a winning combination in creating spaces that are balanced and that have positive resale appeal.

Whether you are looking to have a building site, an existing home or office evaluated, or personalized Feng Shui floor plans for your new home build, or a combination of Feng Shui and design services for your home, Di will guide you through the process in creating a tangible harmonic energy in your home.